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Lance Storm Predicts Cena To Win Title At WrestleMania

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Lance Storm has posted a new blog on his official website ( giving his WrestleMania 25 predictions. Below are his predictions:

HHH – Randy Orton (WWE Title)
This is a tough call for me and HHH is usually a missed prediction for me. I think the problem is that I know he has more creative input so I don’t trust my own instincts. Rather than predict what I think should happen I usually go with what is best for HHH and pick him to win and this prediction always bites me in the ass. Based on that I should pick Orton to win this year, but again I find myself second guessing because it’s been a while since HHH got a win at Mania and this year it wouldn’t just be Hunter who is jobbing it’s symbolically the whole McMahon family. All that being said I’m going with Orton winning the WWE Championship.

Edge – Cena – Big Show (World Title)
I don’t know what the hell to do with this match either. I like Edge as champ but if he retains and Orton wins that gives WWE two heel Champions, which I don’t think is good. So based on Orton winning the WWE Title I’m predicting Cena winning the World Title here. I also think it gives us the most entertaining options as far as Vicky giving her heart to the winner. I don’t see Big Show winning the Title and the Edge - Vicky love story may be played out, so Vicky giving her heart to someone who doesn’t want it is the most entertaining option.

Storm also gives his predictions on the rest of the WrestleMania matches which you can read on his official website.

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