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WWE Official Predicts 1 Million Buys For WM, Snuka DVD

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Despite the difficult economic environment, a WWE executive expects WrestleMania XXV to generate around 1.0 million pay-per-view buys.

Peter Clifford, WWE's senior vice president of distribution and affiliate marketing, made the bold prediction to Multichannel News and says WWE will be mailing out over a million pieces of direct mail to previous PPV buyers to encourage them to buy the annual pay-per-view spectacular.

The company has also expanded its marketing effort to achieve the lofty goal, most notably by spending $10 million in advertising spots on ESPN, MTV, and USA Network.

Last year's event drew 1,058,000 buys for $23.8 million, which is less than the 1.2 million buys and $24.6 million the company earned for WrestleMania 23. If WrestleMania XXV experiences the same percentage drop as the 2009 Royal Rumble did (23 percent), the number would be around 800,000 buys.

-- As reported earlier, WWE has plans to release a DVD on "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka. According to the calender section of the latest issue of WWE Magazine, Superfly: The Jimmy Snuka Story hits shelves on Tuesday, April 14th. WWE's Greatest Stars of the 90's DVD will be hitting shelves the same day, although it's not listed on the calender. However, has started taking pre-orders for the Greatest Stars of the 90's DVD, while there's nothing on the Snuka DVD. doesn't have anything on the Snuka DVD either. It was reported a few weeks ago that production had recently started on the Snuka DVD, and that it was scheduled to be released at the end of the year.

-- On Monday night after Raw, the USA Network will air a special, never-before-seen sneak peek of 12 Rounds, according to

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