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Scrubs Season 8

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1Scrubs Season 8 Empty Scrubs Season 8 on Fri Feb 20, 2009 9:03 am

Season 8, Ep 1: My Jerks
The new Chief of Medicine causes a stir at Sacred Heart, while J.D. struggles to maintain the new interns, and Elliot has issues with her ego.

Season 8, Ep 2: My Last Words
J.D. and Turk make a huge sacrifice concerning a decade-long steak night tradition for a dying patient. Meanwhile, Dr. Maddox, the new Chief of Medicine, begins to show her true colors.

Season 8, Ep 3: My Saving Grace
Dr. Kelso and Dr. Cox have to work together again to get rid of Dr. Maddox, while Carla feels she has to take care of intern Katie.

Season 8, Ep 4: My Happy Place
J.D. and Elliot's relationship seems to have been rekindled when they encourage Dr. Kelso to find his true happy place.
Meanwhile, Dr. Cox has issues with the surgical staff, and the Janitor comes back to the hospital.

Season 8, Ep 5: My ABC's
Featuring a special appearance from Sesame Workshop's "Muppets", J.D. learns a lesson about the gift of compassion, while Elliot gets scammed by intern Katie to secure a spot on Turk's team.

Season 8, Ep 6: My Cookie Pants
Elliot and J.D. encounter a road block in their newfound romantic relationship, and Dr. Cox considers taking the now vacant Chief of Medicine post.

Season 8, Ep 7: My New Role
As his increasing workload from being Chief of Medicine begins to take a toll, the unimaginable happens when Dr. Cox reaches out to Dr. Kelso for friendship.

Season 8, Ep 8: My Lawyer's In Love
It's Ted's lucky day when he falls head over heels in love with an ukulele player, and Dr. Cox realizes he cannot handle everything that is thrown at him.

Season 8, Ep 9: My Absence
J.D. goes on a vacation.

Season 8, Ep 10: My Comedy Show
The new interns have to perform in a comedy show

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