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Live From Houston: Chris Cash Reviews HOF, Interviews, More

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I arrived here in Houston on Friday afternoon after a horrible 8 and 1/2 hour drive through the great state of Texas. Once I made it to the hotel, I immediately head out to meet up with "Voice of Wrestling" fan, Martyn Nolan (also "BeansOnToastUK" in the chatroom each Monday) and his friend, Steve.

We went out to eat, had quite a few beers, and discussed the differences between our two English languages. It was a great time and we are supposed to meet up again after Mania tonight. If anyone here in Houston wants to join us tonight after the show, email me at I'm a cheap date and drink whatever is on tap.

Yesterday, I met up with everyone from THQ and went to the Hall of Fame ceremony. Jeremy from and I went to the reception together and got good footage that will be posted here on sometime this week if all goes according to plan. The following are brief details of the interviews I received while at the reception:

Matt Hardy: I may have pissed him off with my question about Christian being the original plan for Jeff Hardy's attacker. That apparently was "never" apart of the plans.

Joey Styles: He interviewed a cardboard cut-out of Triple H and discussed his actual duties with Additionally, he mentioned Tazz leaving the company and doing something with youth baseball.

Mr. Kennedy: We talked about his injuries and whether it was a tough obstacle to overcome. Good interview and I found out that we drink the same thing if you take away the Cranberry that he adds to his Vodka and Orange Juice.

Beth Phoenix and Michelle McCool: Yes, I was sandwiched in between the two of them and it was rather intimidating. Phoenix made fun of my slim physique that I will unfortunately have to post online for the world to see.

Jimmy Hart: He actually sings Shawn Michaels' "Sexy Boy" themesong for us.

There were some others there that we didn't have a chance to interview, including Mickie James, Cody Rhodes, and Ted DiBiase, but overall, I think we received some good footage that again, will be posted exclusively here on WrestleZone as soon as Jeremy can get it uploaded.

From there, we went to the actual Hall of Fame ceremony. You can read the recap of what took place here on WZ via Matt Boone's coverage, but the following are some of my thoughts:

- It was interesting to see Big Show arrive with his wife, despite the love triangle storyline with Vickie.

- Randy Orton arrived with his wife as well, but she definitely wasn't the hot actress (that couldn't act) they used for the home invasion segment on Raw.

- Jericho, Edge, and Orton definitely got major heat when they were showed on the big screen.

- It seems like Cena is going to have a rough time here in Houston, Texas. He was booed every time he was shown on camera.

- Joey Styles and Harvey Wippleman sure were having a fun time during the ceremony as they were cracking up over something at one point. Prior to whatever joke caused their laughter, Styles looked to be texting a ton during the inductions. Either that or playing a really fun game.

- Dory Funk took up a ton of the time that was allotted to both of the Funks, allowing less than a minute for Terry once he actually got up there. Terry's speech was unbelievable and I definitely want a ticket to the Battle Royal in Heaven that is going to go on for eternity.

- Vince McMahon was great to see and played well to the "What" chants, even explaining how it came to be.

- I saw the "Sign Guy" while I was getting something to drink up top. He was sporting his red cap, but not the signature blue button-up...rather he went formal with a nice jacket.

- Steve Austin didn't get enough time, but did well with what he had. It's sad that he's looking to put the wrestling business completely behind him because I was right there with the rest of the fans wishing for one more match. His speech was really interesting and got into some shoot-style stuff discussing the time he "took his ball and went home".

After his speech, he popped open some beers and gave one to Cena. I'm not sure that's going to be enough tonight when Cena enters the Reliant, but we'll see. I loved the Austin speech and am glad that I was able to attend this historic night. However, I do plan on starting up and eventually, Austin will have to take notice.

I'm here for WrestleMania tonight and Raw tomorrow. I will have reviews on both, exclusively here at Matt Boone will also be providing live coverage of the pay per view here at the site for those of you that are not watching live. Enjoy the show everyone and remember, get in touch with me if you want to meet up while we're here in Houston

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