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Hardy Storyline News, Jericho Mocks Obama & More

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One former WWE creative team member tells the Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter that the Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy feud will likely be a short one. The unnamed source said, "The fact that they're doing a gimmick match (at WrestleMania 25) tells me that this is it," he said. "They won't be going to SummerSlam like Bret and Owen (Hart)."

-- cameras caught up with Chris Jericho this week, who had some choice words for President Barack Obama. When asked, "You're a wrestler, so do you think you have better abs than Barack Obama?", Jericho responded, "As of right now I have better abs ... but pretty soon he's gonna take 65% of my abs away from me and give 'em to somebody else." Jericho also said he plans to pull Mickey Rourke over the guardrail at WrestleMania and punch him in the face in front of 70,000 people. You can see the video clip at

-- Despite the fact that WrestleMania 25 is a mere week and a half away, Vince McMahon is reportedly still thinking about making changes to the Chris Jericho vs. Legends handicap match. WWE officials have been reaching out to other Hall of Famers regarding possible involvement in the storyline, another sign that Mickey Rourke backing out of the originally scheduled match with Chris Jericho really threw WWE for a loop.

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