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Ric Flair Gets Dozen Staples To Close Cut From RAW Segment

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During the Ric Flair beatdown from Chris Jericho on last night's WWE RAW, Flair suffered a bad wound on his head from the shot with the handheld video camera. After the show, Flair needed a dozen staples to close the wound. [Credit:]

Here is a description of the segment from our exclusive play-by-play of RAW last night:

RAW opens with Ric Flair in the ring and his music playing. Woooo numero uno and dos. Strut numero uno followed by Wooo tres. Flair address Chris Jericho. Says on behalf of Roddy Piper, Jimmy Snuka and Ricky Steamboat, he accepts your challenge for the 3-on-1 handicap match at WrestleMania 25. He says "The Nature Boy" will be honored in their corner. He says as Jericho knows, he can compete, but he'll be happy to stand in the ring with those three great legends, and hold their hands high after they beat him and shut him up forever. Jericho appears on the titan-tron. Jericho tells Flair to be quiet. He says listen to him. He was nearly a child when WrestleMania 1 took place, but he remembers Piper, Snuka and Steamboat. He says they were great, but that was 25 years ago. He said 25 years ago he never dreamed he'd be a bigger star than all three of them, but he has. He asks if Flair thinks this situation is a movie like "The Wrestler". He brings up the four beating him up last week. He says it's not a movie, this is real. You're not an actor like Mickey Rourke. Rourke has a director that says cut. Rourke can sip on a drink while he thinks about losing the Oscar. He says the movie gave Flair false hope that he still matters. He says no one cares about Ric Flair anymore. Jericho now makes his way to the top of the ramp. Jericho says he knew all along the three legends would accept his challenge. He says it was obvious because all of them and Flair as well, are afraid. Afraid to stay out of the spotlight. Jericho enters the ring. He approaches Flair saying they'll end up being forgotten nobodies. Jericho says it's better to be a nobody than to continue to drag your name through the mud. At WrestleMania, Jericho says he's gonna beat up Flair's friends. He said Flair will be forced to stand at ringside and watch, screaming for him to stop - but he won't. He says Mickey Rourke will be sitting at ringside witnissing the carnage he's caused. Flair says Jericho is wrong. He says they refuse to be judged by insignificant little punks, that'll never be Hall of Fame material. He says they refuse to be told when it's over. They love to be respected for the accomplishments that they've achieved. He says they in return respect the people who respect them. Flair says he'll be so proud to stand by his Hall of Fame brothers as they beat him. Jericho asks if Flair's finished. Flair said no. Flair says he's looking forward to standing in the middle of the ring and looking for Mickey Rourke. He says he'll invite him to stand in the ring next to him, Piper, Snuka and Steamboat. He says he'll tell Rourke in front of 70,000 fans to look at this beaten corpse and say "Woooo". Jericho hits a cheap-shot in mid-Woo. Jericho commences to punching away at Flair. He battles to the outside and continues pummeling Flair. He rips Flair right out of his dress shirt. Flair is a bloody mess as Jericho still continues his attack. Jericho clears off the announcer table. Jericho throws Flair over the barracade. Jericho continues punching away at a bloody Flair. Jericho takes Flair's shoes off and throws them into the crowd. Jericho continues pummeling the bloody Flair. Jericho takes a camera-man's camera and nails Flair with it. Flair over-sells the hell out of it. "You suck" chant from the audience as Jericho stands above a beaten Flair. Jericho takes Flair's watch off, puts it on the top ring step and stomps it to break it. Jericho walks away as we go to commercial.

You can read our full exclusive RAW report at:

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