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1WWWL QUIZ RULES Empty WWWL QUIZ RULES on Mon Feb 23, 2009 3:43 pm


1. Quiz start time 11pm UK time and 7pm EST.

2. Anyone joining quiz after 11pm/6pm EST will not have their scores counted towards leader board but can play the quiz.

3. 20 questions based on the history of that nights PPV.

4. After each question has been read, there will b 20 seconds for the participants to attempt a correct answer. If no correct answer is given then no points will be awarded for that question.

5. 1st person to answer question correctly will receive the most points. 3 points will be awarded for the 1st correct answer, 2 points for 2nd correct answer and 1 point for 3rd correct answer.

6. Once the correct answer has been established by quizmaster, no disputing the decision. This will prevent the quiz taking too long. Any queries to be challenged after the quiz.

7. At end of each quiz the quizzes leader board will be updated accordingly.

8. The quiz season will run through 4 quarters. These quarters will be between each major WWE PPV. (for example:- WrestleMania – Summerslam – Survivor Series – Royal Rumble) at the end of each quarter the person occupying the top spot of the leaderboard will be awarded a prize chosen by the main owner JerichoV2.

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