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Big Update On Vince/Austin, Bret Hart, Cena Out?, Edge

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WWE may have to write John Cena out of the storylines this Summer as his next movie is supposed to start filming in June or July. There's no word on which movie this is.

-- The Edge vs. Big Show match that took place on RAW this week was originally scheduled as the main event for the 500th SmackDown last week. Vince pulled it from SmackDown and put it on RAW after getting mad at Michael Hayes for trying to book a more loaded SmackDown with a major RAW vs. SmackDown interbrand match on top. Vince made a point about how there are more important things going on right now than the 500th SmackDown.

-- Before he found out WWE makes this decision for you, Dory Funk Jr. called WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart and asked him if he could induct him into the Hall this year in Houston. Hart did accept the invitation but probably didn't believe he really would end up doing it.

-- WWE still hasn't announced Vince McMahon as the person who will induct Steve Austin into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. It may be saved for an announcement this week on RAW or done as a surprise. It's also still unclear who will be inducting Howard Finkel in. There's also no word yet on which Hall of Famers will be shown on the USA Network special but the likely list is The Funks, Ricky Steamboat and Steve Austin. With the exception of Vince and Austin, everyone has been told by management to limit their speeches to three minutes this year.

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