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Kennedy Talks Steroids Again, DH Smith Trains With Legend

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The Sun conducted an interview with Mr. Kennedy during his media blitz of the UK last week and he shared his very candid views on everything from wrestling to movies to steroids.

On the subject of WWE's drug testing policy, he feels the tests are "a little much" as the company is quite vigorous over testing for banned substances, including having an outside official watching the wrestlers give urine samples on an almost weekly basis. He adds, "If you're not hurting anybody – then what's the big deal?"

Kennedy also explains why he was caught purchasing steroids shortly after saying he didn't take them in his last chat with The Sun in August 2007.

Kennedy also discusses the sleepless nights he had over rumors he was being let go by WWE, beating 20 other WWE Superstars for the lead role in Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia, his frank discussions with Vince McMahon over his character, being told to never piledrive Undertaker again, and more.

To listen to the 45 minute interview in its entirety, click here.

-- According to The Sun, WWE developmental wrestler DH Smith recently took part in a few training sessions with legendary British professional wrestler and catch wrestling instructor Billy Robinson, who was quite famous during the 1970s.

WWE Hall of Famer Jack Brisco wrote the following regarding Robinson in his book: "Man he was tough. A lot of wrestlers I met through the years fancied themselves as shooters. They were adept at demonstrating holds. 'Let me show you this' or 'Let me show you that' but the real test was if they could get these devastation moves or submission holds on in an actual match. Most of these guys suffered from delusions of grandeur. They couldn't hit those moves if their lives depended on it. Billy was the exception by far. He not only could demonstrate the move, he could hit them from anywhere."

-- The WWE website has posted the latest edition of Top Rope Theatre featuring "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, Kelly Kelly, Cryme Tyme and Jamie Noble. Here is the preview: "BOUNTY HUNTER BETRAYAL - Which two Superstar bounty hunters are concocting a good, old-fashioned, double-cross to dupe Cryme Tyme? What does it mean for Kelly Kelly's "father?" Find out in this week's edition of's top rated video series, "Top Rope Theatre."

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