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Juventud Tells UK Sun Evans Attacked Him, Konnan S..t In His Bag

Go down  Message [Page 1 of 1] visitors may recall a story earlier where Lizzy Valentine commented on why she left AAA. It is my understanding that the incident that Guerrera discusses below was what she was talking about in her blog.

For whatever it is worth Juvi Juice has a history of taking liberties in matches and being "stiff", and for whatever it is worth in my experience with Juvi and Konnan at TNA, Konnan defended Juvi more often than not.

Here's a Juvi Juice, Teddy Hart story......

One time Juvi wrestled Teddy Hart at TNA, and I had to bitch at both after the match at Keith Mitchell & Jerry Jarrett's request as Juvi ignored time cues and the match went long on a live PPV, and after taking a top rope Juvi Driver, Teddy barely sold it after the pin, then jumped up to a top turnbuckle and did a back flip. Juvi responded to me that he did not hear the time cues and tried to pretend "language" issues (Englih/Spanish). Teddy said he did the flip because he want to "say goodbye to the fans" as he figured he would not be brought back to TNA. I told Juvi his excuse was BS, and told Teddy his reason was a self fullfilling prophecy

Good times!!!!

TWO of the world’s top wrestlers have had a huge bust up – after Juventud Guerrera accused Konnan of defecating in his gym bag.

The incident happened in Mexico’s AAA federation, where the former WCW and WWE superstars both now work.

Juventud – also known as The Juice – then got in a fight with Konnan and indie star Jack Evans, which left him with a broken nose and severe bruising.

Speaking exclusively to SunSport, the ex-cruiserweight champion said: “This was my second show back with AAA and Konnan was not happy about it.

“We have had problems for years.

“I tried to talk to him earlier in the show and he ignored me.

“When I first made my return everyone was cool with me backstage, but at this second show the vibe was different.

“I went out and had my match, which was really Juicy, and when I returned to the locker room, I found my bag in a different area and it was wet.

“I opened the bag to find human faeces inside.

“I immediately grabbed the bag and brought it to the owners of AAA. They were in shock.”

Juventud promptly accused the former LAX member of being responsible. Konan denied it was him.

Juve then says he felt someone grab him from behind, adding: “It was Jack Evans, who I felt had been stiffing me in our match earlier in the night - kicking me multiple times right in the face.

“At this point, Konnan got out of his seat and held me down – and punches started flying.

“Finally Sr Roldan, the owner of AAA came in and broke it up.

“My nose has fractures, and I have lots of bruises. My eye is completely red but I still have my integrity and pride.”

Juventud also claimed that no one else in AAA will speak out as his rival is the “real boss” of the group.

He added: “I am really sad about this situation because at one time we were really close friends.”

The Sun are currently trying to reach Konnan and Evans for comment.

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