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Kane Dismisses Reports Of Fight With UFC Star Tim Sylvia

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There are some online reports going around saying WWE Superstar Kane had gotten into a bar fight with UFC star Tim Sylvia this past week in Detroit. However, neither man was in Detroit at the time of the alleged incident.

To confirm, a WWE spokesman dismissed the story, telling The Sun: "This is a total fabrication."

Kane also offered comment to the British newspaper.

"I was sitting at home at the time and someone told me – that was the first I'd heard about it," Kane said. "I hear I handled it pretty well though. I'm happy with myself! I'm pretty sure Tim won't hold a grudge."

Kane went on to say that he and Undertaker have taken part in MMA training in the past.

"Wrestlers are a little tougher than we're generally given credit for and I think we'd represent ourselves well," Kane said.

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